Improve your site safety and reporting using our IC digital observation system.

The complete safety cycle managed via our app, web portal or paper forms.

IC Observation cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

A Safety Observation system is a system that helps collect data on safe and unsafe actions that have been preformed in a certain area to help identify positive and negative trends in the safety of actions preformed.

The benefits of using a digital system over a traditional paper based system is that it can be easily customised for client needs it saves paper based waste and it saves man hours as everything is uploaded automatically and allows for trends to be seen instantly.

The IC system can be used at any physical location as all it needs is a poster and location code assigned to that area. Anyone can submit an observation as long as they have the location code meaning that the system can be used in areas that may have multiple companies or members of the public.

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£ 200 Monthly
  • One site
  • Up to 5 admin accounts
  • Unlimited observations
5 Sites
£ 800 Monthly
  • Up to five sites
  • Up to 30 admin accounts
  • Unlimited observations
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  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited observations

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